Prescription Sunglasses

The main reason that prescription sunglasses are highly recommended by most eyeglasses wearers is that it can not only enable sharp vision clarity during these hazy summer days but also provides great eye protection against harmful UV light from the sunshine whether it’s bright sunny days or overcast days.

If you spend a lot of time on outdoor activities or drive a lot, wearing RX shades is kind of a necessity thing. For men and women who are extremely sensitive to light and experience headaches after exposure to strong sunlight even for a few minutes, a pair of prescription sunglasses can help a lot in reducing the pain and the eye-strain caused by that.

rectangle sunglasses for men, brown tinted lenses with black frame

Prescription Sunglasses Prescription Sunglasses

You can also get other lens options for RX sunglasses like blue light blocking and photochromic lenses, if you come inside and outside frequently, photochromic lenses will save a lot of trouble for you but also perform a fantastic function to protect your eyes.

Our sunshades come in a wide range of on-trendy frames designs like classic sporty aviators style, bold round frame style, professional austere rectangle and square, specs that show people around you mean for business and also offer sleek flair or classic vibe to complete daily wardrobe.

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is YES.

Sunglasses is the key protection for your eyes especially in the outdoors. And a pair of prescription sunglasses allow wearers enjoy sunshine without sacrificing their sight, keep protecting your eyes at the asme time. Of course you can also choose contacts or a pair of transition lenses, they all are worthy options depending on personal preferences and various needs.

Wearing contacts with regular sunglasses or wearing prescription sunglasses? Many glasses wearers are stuggling with this question. Wearing contacts seems to be a preferred option for atheletes cause contacts has not distractions during sports. However if you go swimming or stay in the water, be aware the contacts can increase the risk of getting bacteria infections.

Almost all sunglasses from JoopinFashion can be made into prescription sunglasses. Prescription sunglasses not only enable you fashionable appearance but also offers eye protections with reducing glare, without sacrificing sight to the beautiful sight. The “pros” outweight the “cons”, make a choice according to your need.

Tip 1: Before ordering a pair of prescription sunglasses or eyeglasses, please make sure you have your most recent eye prescription in hand.
Tip 2: For sunglasses, frames are usualy made if metal or plastic materials. Metal frames is stronger and more durable, however plastic frames are lightweight and more comfortable for long time wearing.
Tip 3: Also take Frame shape into considerations. For square face, round or oval frames might be a great option to offer balances and deliver a harmonious and natural look . For round face shape, the perfect frames shapes is able to sharpen the rounded facial features. A pair of rectangular sunglasses or frames with bold angular lines have the ability to complement theses features.
Tip 4: Make sure the sunglasses lenses comes with UVA UVB protection. It offers full eyes protection.
Tip 5: For people with stronger prescription, we suggest high index lenses and choose polishing add-ons.

Better not. It might cause your eyes to be more sentitive to the light. If you eyes get used to darker view, then they will feel more brighter or painful when you are not wearing sunglases.


Reason 1: It’s more safe to buy prescription sunglasses online, comparing to the risk of being infected with pneumonia if you went to a brick and mortar store.
Reason 2: Save money without sacrificing the quality of sunglasses. The high price of prescription sunglasses means there are middle cost included. However online store for sunglasses can directly cut these operating cost. So you can get a pair of RX sunglasses at lower prices but the same quality.
Reason 3: With more various options of frames, you can sit in your comfort home to decide which one you like most. No one will interrupt and keep pursuading to buy a pair that you don’t enjoy.


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