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Frequently Asked Questions

Tint colors of sunglasses have exclusive benefits according to various wearther conditions or activities. For example, Amber / Green / Gray / Pink tint color might be more suitable for sunny days or partly cloudy days. For Cloudy or foggy days, we would recommend you wear sunglasses with Green / Yellow / Blue lenses. And for people who work with computer or play computer games a lot, Yellow lenses offers more protections for eyes.

Colorful lenses offers more fun. But when speaking of driving, we need lenses that could help to increase contrast and offers crisp clear view, the better choices are amber or copper lenses, they work perfectly especially in cloudy days. Or you could also go for a gray tint which could reduce brightness and glare.

Blue, pink or light green lenses, they might be fashion-savvy, stylish to wear. However, they are not suitable for driving. They cause color distortion, for example red traffic lights. It’s dangerous to wear blue lenses sunglasses while driving.

However, for other activities like water sports, golf or spectator, they delivers performance perfectly. Blue lenses are made for sharpening up images and improves color perception. They offers practical benefits and fashion appearance in these activities.

Green! Green! Green. Green lenses are well known for reducing glare while offering visual sharpness. In sunny days, green sunglasses also works to reduce eyestrain. For sunny or partly cloudy days, green lenses helps to lighten shadows with offering color perception. It’s a lens choice which is good for all purporse.

Grey lenses are popular choices for runners. However, grey is not a good option for running. They don’t provide contrast at all, which make it hard to judge road textures while wearing gray lenses. That will also causes eye fatigure.

For running, we would recommend brown, yellow, or pink lenses. These lens colors helps to maintain sharper focus and offer good contrast, They are not only good choices for running and cycling, also works perfectly for shootig, snowboardign or tennis. Brown is best choices for most lighting conditions, yellow performs better when in hizzy or overcast days. Pink offers best contrast at night.

The answer is NO.

Blue lenses are just like other color tinted lenses, they helps to reduce the amount of light that reaches the eye. For some situations we don’t recommend wearing blue lenses sunglases, for example driving, they offers depth color perception and cause serious color distortion. Do not drive with blue lenses.
However, blue lenses also have their benefits. Blue colors can calm your eyes and make us more comfortable. By enhancing color perception and reducing glare, blue tinted lenses will offer benefits for activities like skiing or fishing. Golf or spectator.

No. They are not the same. Polarized sunglasses are made to filter reflected light of various angles. They offer crisp and clear images, which is particularly friendly for water or snow sports, for driving, fishing, or extreme sports. UV Protection can helps to block 100% harmful UV light and UV-400 protection is the highest level. At Joopinfashion, our sunglasses are made for great combination of both polarization and UV400 protection, to provide maximum protection for your vision.

The Pros:

1. Polarized sunglasses delivers more eye comfort than normal lenses.
2. Polarized lenses enhance vision clarity and provides more contrast.
3. Polarized lenses offers more eye protection agains UVA / UIVB
4. You can see beneather the surface of water with polarized lenses. Great for fishing.
5. Reduce eye strain within the time of outdoors

However under some circumstances, polarized lenses are not a good option

1. Difficulty in viewing LCD Screens
2. Not suitable for skiing. Cause wearing a polarized sunglasses makes your eyes hard to distinguish between white colors
3. Polarized sunglasses are expensive.

1. The main difference between poliarzed sunglasses vs non-polarized is the way they deal with horizontal light waves. Polarized sunglasses can transform the horizontal light and protect your eyes against glare. However, non-polarized sunglasses can not filter light in this way. So they can not offer protection in this case.

2. The second difference is that polarized lenses convey the real colors of things. However non-polarized sunglasses might make the objects looks very red, pink or yellow.

3. If you go skiing, you are a pilot or you contral heavy machine ( in which case you need to see GPS screen a lot), please do not wear polarized sunglasses. If you go driving, fishing, biking or walking around, a pair of polarized sunglasses enhances more benefit. Polarized sunglasses in most cases can offers more protection.


For men and women who are extremely sensitive to light and experience headaches after exposure to strong sunlight even for a few minutes, a pair of prescription sunglasses can help a lot in reducing the pain and the eye-strain caused by that.


Why we dare to offer such 30day Fit & Style Refund Guarantee refund policy? Cause even though we are a new brand, but actually we have run our own factory and offering products for a range of brands in this market. We can take fully control of every step of the production process and follow strict standards to make a perfect fit glasses or sunglasses for you. we can guarantee you get your prescriptions at low cost, but with premium quality.


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