Blue Light Blocker Glasses

What is blue light?

What is blue light? Blue light is the visible light spectrum to human eyes, It can penetrate into our eyeball and enter the fundus, resulting in irreversible damage against our eyes. Blue light used to be only from the Sun, but nowadays, all digital screens around us can emit a huge amount of blue-ray. For people who require to use a computer or tablet for most of the day or teenagers who use electronic devices for playing games, a pair of blue light filtering glasses is necessary to get your eyes under protection.

Prolonged exposure to blue light will cause corresponding harm to our eyes like eye strain, sore eyes, blurry visions, dry and irritated eyes, headaches, stiff necks, physical or mental fatigue, also it will affect our vision clarity and sharpness.

And our kids also face the risk caused by blue light emitted from digital devices. With technology development, they have more chances to use digital tools. The harm caused by the blue ray is increasingly high for our children. To strictly supervise and shorten the screen time is one way, the other way to get kids eyes protected is blue light filtering glasses.

Frequent Asked Questions

Yes. Our blue light glasses are made of quality lenses with subtle blue light coatings. So it’s safe and comfortable to wear blue light glases even if outside of screen use time. You can wear them as daily glasses.

Blue blocker glasses has been an important tool for eyes protection especially within pandemic time because people have to spend more time staring at their laptop, TV screen or phone whether it’s for working or just entertainment.

Wearing blue light blocker is crucial. What else we can do to protect our eyes?
1. Get enough sleep.
2. Limit your screen time. If this is hard, try to give your eyes a break after your eyes being exposed to blue light for long periods of time
3. Try get outside.

We do not suggest you wear orange or red-tinted blue light blocker lenses while night driving. Even though these glasses can effectively reducing reflections from headlights and street light glare, however they also lower the total amount of light entering the eyes which could lead night driving to a dangerous condition.

You can wear clear blue light blocking lenses which will make the reflections from street light and oncoming headlights more tolerable. In this case even though there is no blue light at night, however a pair of clear blue blocker lenses also offer a clearer view of the street.

Our blue light blocking glasses comes as low as $19. If you are sitting on the fence and doubt whether it’s worthy or not, We strongly suggest you give it a shot and try for yourself.
For less eye strain, easier quality sleep time and better eye protection, Blue light blocking glasses delivers more help for protecting eyes in this modern digital world around us.


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